Photo of Carol of the King: The Irish Dance Christmas Spectacular for the Shipshewana Event
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Carol of the King: The Irish Dance Christmas Spectacular - (December 08, 2018)

Showtime: 8:00pm | Doors Open: 7:00pm
Prices: Tickets Only - $19.95 -$29.95 -$34.95 -$44.95 | Dinner and Theater - $36.95 -$46.95 -$51.95 -$61.95
This Concert will be held at the Shipshewana Event Center

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Dawn of the King Eclipse of the Crown Winter Spell Silent Night A Gift of Light The Crown Jewels Hark the Herald Reign of Fury O' Holy Night Rising Kingdom Jealousy's influence claims the land and its king. The wicked sorceress Circe has captured King Solomon, the kingdom's greatest hero, and placed him under her spell. King Solomon now leads her ghostly army known as The Frost in a plan to eradicate the Christmas spirt from the land.

As Circe lures Solomon deeper under the spell of her wicked ways, the King becomes more distant from his true self and his former desire to be part of the Christmas celebration. Despite the outer beauty of Circe, it is only envy and resentment that lies underneath.

While dismay and unrest encroach upon the peaceful kingdom, a glimmer of Holiday light illuminates the horizon as evening sets in.

With the king's rule and the season in disarray, the people of the land call upon Solomon's queen, Brighid, and his younger brother Aidan in their hour of need.

Queen Brighid and her royal guardians proudly proclaim their resolve to aid the kingdom. Forever Solomon's faithful love, the daring Brighid displays her grace and determination to rescue Solomon and restore Christmas to the land.

As the evening grows long, the stars show favor in the night sky upon the messengers and their journey. The celestial path gives them guidance in saving the season and their king.

In a display of power, the corrupted King Solomon commands his new found legion of The Frost as they prepare to take the kingdom by storm and extinguish Christmas forever.

With the kingdom in peril and the spirit of the season in danger, the brave Brighid displays her stunning grace and beauty as Circe follows a step behind.

Inspired by the spirit of hope and giving, the people of the land and its heroes ascend to meet the ongoing threat of The Frost and the peril of their misled king.

The heralded King Solomon reigns peacefully over the kingdom as they prepare for the Christmas season. A mysterious figure appears from the bitter cold and attempts to claim the throne for herself while erasing the joy of the Holiday.

A moment of peace and serenity echo through the kingdom. Brighid rejoices and her Royal Guardians bring back the Christmas spirit upon the land once again.

Brighid's Court Carol of the King, The Irish Dance Christmas Spectacular is led by former lead dancer from Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and founder of Two Step Productions, Justin Boros. Two Step Productions also created the smash hit and fastest growing Irish dance show in the U.S., Rhythm in the Night, The Irish Dance Spectacular, which continues to tour every Spring and set records across the country. Two Step Productions is now bringing Irish dance and Christmas together for the first time to turn an age-old tradition into an exciting Irish dance Christmas spectacular the entire family will enjoy!

Winter has fallen across the land. King Solomon and his kingdom prepare for the Christmas season celebration. While cold winds caress the landscape, one gust brought an unearthly chill not felt before. The dark sorceress Circe and her ghostly legion known as The Frost are upon the land. She has trapped the legendary King Solomon under her spell in an attempt to steal the throne and expel Christmas once and for all. Unable to free himself and carry forth the holiday spirit, hope remains lost for all those in the kingdom...until now.

In a brave effort to rescue their king and preserve the spirit of the season, the kingdom has called upon Solomon's loving companion Brighid, his younger brother Aidan and the Guardians to restore harmony to the land. With the frigid forces attempting to break the will of the crown and banish Christmas for eternity, will darkness reign or will victory be seized from Circe's icy grip in the legend that has come to be known as Carol of the King.

Featuring 20 of the world's most skilled Irish dancers and musicians, Carol of the King brings an original inspiring Christmas story of love and salvation to life that transports the audience to a mystical time and place of heroes and redemption. The world-renowned Irish dance troupe performs lighting fast hard shoe rhythms and graceful soft shoe jigs to an original epic orchestral soundtrack featuring many Holiday favorites, while state of the art lighting and Christmas spirit ignite the stage into an explosive display of dance and music. Strength, agility and precision formulate the fast-paced and breath-taking holiday experience on stage as the cast performs to the heart-pounding and fluid symphonic music that will enthrall audiences all across North America!